Security and thoroughness in production

We are firmly committed to selecting top-quality raw materials, a fully automated production process and a traceability system; all this allows comprehensive control of the data at any point in the manufacturing process.

All this allows ITF ensure the safety, consistency and quality of all its products at all times. We also apply a redundant control at different stages of the production process, using a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points system (HACCP).

We provide our clients with strategic consulting services as an integral part of each product.

We apply the most demanding standards in our production systems


SGS-ISO 220000 certification

International quality assurance in standardized food safety under all levels of approval in our production processes, from the beginning of the production chain to shipping the finished product.


SGS-ISO 9001 certification

Guaranteed standardized quality management as a company in a continuous improvement process, ensuring comprehensive and audited control of our manufacturing process.

Analysis and control of raw materials

NIRS analytical input on all selected raw materials. Our food quality laboratory inspects and validates all raw materials before storage.


Standardized traceability

Strict control of data at any point in the process, from receipt of raw materials, formulation, manufacturing, warehousing and shipping.


High-technology installations

Systemized production with automatic micro-dosing enabling comprehensive control over the development of each product, independent manufacturing lines and control of critical points. We guarantee the absence of cross contamination.