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Company founded in 2010 with the mission of becoming a leader in the market for swine starter feeds. We have professionals with over 20 years of experience in nutrition. Our goal is to become a global company with international projection
We are one of 5 leading companies in swine nutrition from birth to 30 kg weight in Spain.
We are one of 5 leading companies in swine nutrition from birth to 30 kg weight in Spain. We are specialists in piglet nutrition and our production profile is uniquely focused on this area.
 Our specialised plant inaugurated in 2011
 Our specialised plant inaugurated in 2011  Capacity for 2,000 MT per month of products solely designed for piglets
 Our specialised plant inaugurated in 2011  Capacity for 2,000 MT per month of products solely designed for piglets.  Integrated automation to guarantee the precision and food safety of all processes
Precision feeding

ITF Nutrition*

* nutrition without limits
 What makes us different?
 Piglets and only piglets We do nothing else. Our focus is solely on formulation and design of products for animals up to 30 kg.
 Continuing innovation Continuing research and testing of new ingredients that allow us to increase the nutritional efficiency of our products.
 Continuing innovation

ITF is constantly running numerous R&D programmes.

We have an experimental farm with capacity for 80 piglets per week with an infrastructure to continuously test new solutions for our customers.

 Continuous innovation

Sustained investment in advanced technology applied to nutrition to reach the best feeding safety parameters, in line with all European standards.

Our products are subjected to tight quality controls, with standardised traceability systems.

 Adaptation We design Concentrates, blends and specialities adapting our products to the availability of any raw materials anywhere in the world.

Shortages of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids lead to deficient nutritional states.

Our experts formulate complex balanced concentrates and premixes adapted to the requirements of each factory, guaranteeing the incorporation into the diet of the necessary ingredients to optimise yield.


We offer solutions. Our objective is to optimise the relationship between production costs and the expected yield.

Customised nutrition with maximum quality levels. We adapt to the characteristics of each area, with its inherent particularities (climate, genetics, management, available raw materials, etc.)

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Each additional kg at post-weaning means

Each additional kg at post-weaning means

3 to 5 additional kg
at the finishing stage
Nutrition and performance At ITF we believe it is essential to know our customers and their reality to be able to offer maximum added value: Once again we are talking about Customised Nutrition
Nutrition and performance: Objectives Maximise consumption Avoid digestive problems Obtain maximum growth
Nutrition and performance: Added value

The incidence of the concentrate in the complete diet is around 2.5% of its total cost. This extra “investment” avoids many other problems.

How much does administering vitamin-mineral supplements cost?

How much is spent if it is necessary to mobilise and separate animals with nutritional deficiencies?

Also important is the stress generated in the animal; the conversion food > meat of that day is almost entirely lost.

The objective is the total nutrition

safely, efficiently and profitably

That is why we conceive the feeding of piglets as the fundamental basis of any pig-farming operation.
After the sow, we contribute our commitment to feeding quality and safety to guarantee the best yield possible in the subsequent production phases.
Commitment to quality and feeding safety ITF is firmly committed to the selection of high quality raw materials, minimising antibiotic agents in feed formulation and to state-of-the-art technology applied to all processes.
Commitment to quality and feeding safety ITF holds European Certifications that accredit the highest standards and quality in all of our production processes, from the reception of raw materials through to the shipment of the finished product.


Quality certification



ITF is a sustainable company with a commitment to the environment.

 ITF proposes that you...

Invest in the beginning to maximise the future*


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